Nossa Experiência

São Miguel's mission "To create value by transforming opportunities into wealth through hard work" has a broader meaning, which includes:

Visão Estratégica

Permanent prospection of investments in new markets, striving for growth of the businesses,
by new investments and widening of the portfolio of products and brands.

Foco e Trabalho Dedicado

Strong work ethics and consistency of purpose have transformed a familiar and regional business
into a leader of the national market.

Ética e Responsabilidade

Valorization of the human being, quality in our relationships and responsibility toward the communities where we live and work.


Permanent search for expansion with sustainable growth of our business, with focus on constant improvement of efficiency and profitability.

Gestão Profissional

Attracting the best professionals from the market  to manage our business.


Bringing the most modern tools available in the market to support our management, production,
sales and distribution processes, amongst them the SAP System, used by world's largest companies.

Our long journey allowed us to gain specialized knowledge and experience in the Brazilian consumer goods markets and implement a unique distribution model. We build successful brands witch create legitimate ties with our customers, stakeholders and communities.