A construção da Base

Our history begins in 1959, when João Alves de Lima started his first family business,
a door to door selling of coffee beans in the City of São Miguel, State of Rio Grande do Norte.

With our founder, we have learned the importance of creating Legitimate Ties.

Work dedicated to the people needs, with simplicity and consistency in its commitments.

The commercial vocation and passion for work made the business prosper.

In the 60´s, more value was added to the business by launching the first industrialized product,
the Nossa Senhora de Fátima roasted and ground coffee.

This event started verticalization processof the business - from purchases of green coffee
in the producing regions, to industrial processing and retails sales – in order to increase
its market presence and provide better services in the city of São Miguel and it´s neighborhood.

Criação da Holding

In 1985, Mr. João Lima´s three children, Pedro, Paulo and Vicente, joined the administration
and operation of the company, initiating transformation of a familiar business into a highly structured company, characterized by professional administration and strong, sustainable growth.

With the creation of São Miguel Holding the strategic planning activity, oriented toward the search for new opportunities in the market and better exploration of operations and investments, takes
on a new focus.

In the last 20 years the Group has been experiencing strong growth. The achievements demonstrate effectiveness of the strategic management direction, obtained mostly by applying the values planted by our Founder: creating ties, hard work and fairness.